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Who we are

2012: Happy Energy foundation was launched by the first Dutch ESA astronaut, Wubbo Ockels, together with his long-life partner, super-supportive driving force, and wife, Joos Ockels. And with the most wonderful co-founder Marleen Zoon.

2020: Happy Energy foundation (HE) has a brand new chairman, Keanu Yoshji, and a powerful new mission. All in the happy spirit, and based on the inspiring legacy of Wubbo Ockels (PhD) and his optimistic college lectures.

Our mission is:

“to positively impact the planet by changing people’s mindsets”

for healthy, happy, and sustainable, living.

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And the amazing 2020 mission statement...

“to positively impact the planet by changing people’s mindsets”

We have to adjust our course, our mission… and change the mindsets of people!

We have to love Earth, because what you love is what you want to protect.

HE, that’s us! Committed to a transition to a more sustainable society.

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Wubbo Ockels was a well-known and energetic promotor of a sustainable lifestyle, characterized by optimism and positivity.

The classes of this extraordinary full-time professor Aerospace Sustainable Engineering and Technology at Technical University Delft, were known for lots of happy energy, often accompanied with electronic dance music; Techno, Techhouse and Deep House.

Google honors Wubo on his birthday on 28 March! On this special day, Google Doodle commemorates his remarkable legacy.

Wubbo Johannes Ockels (28 March 1946 – 18 May 2014) was a Dutch physicist and an astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA). In 1985 he participated in a flight on the Space Shuttle Challenger, STS-61-A, making him the first Dutch citizen in space. A small planetoid was named after Wubbo Ockels by the International Astronomical Union. The planetoid orbits the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. The object's full name is 9496 Ockels. Ockels was a member of the American Physical Society and the European Physical Society. From 1999 to 2003, he was head of ESA's Office for Educational Projects Outreach Activities.After his astronaut career, Ockels was professor of Aerospace for Sustainable Engineering and Technology at the Delft University of Technology. He died from complications of cancer on 18 May 2014

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“to positively impact the planet by changing people’s mindsets”

When Wubbo returned from his space lab in 1985, he wondered how he could best share his experience. His key message was not that space is unique, but rather Earth.

Nowhere in space can we see a planet on which we humans could live. Earth is our home and it’s our spaceship that protects us from the dangers of space. Whoever realizes that, experiences how dependent we are on this one of a kind planet…

We have only one, there is no spare. So Let’s take care!

Love Earth!

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Ambition 2020

We are ‘Astronauts of Spaceship Earth’.

We want to change people’s mindsets by producing electronic dance music, creating special dj sets; MINDSET & RESET

These new immersive (live) DJ shows will have a positive impact on the mindset of the audience, and inspire them to live healthy, happy, and sustainable lives!

Our 2020 ambition is to connect with inspiring people, and collab with local and global (sustainable) brands, positive environmental organizations, international electronic dance music platforms, and all kinds of entertainment initiatives – all with lots of happy energy.

Compositie Worlds greatest show

“The 2020 01-09 Burning Man event theme explores the quantum kaleidoscope of possibility, the infinite realities of the multiverse, and our own superpositioning as actors and observers in the cosmic Cacophony of resonant strings."





#Happy+Energy+Happy+Planet = Happy+Future 🚀

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Astronauts of Spaceship Earth®

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HE hello! My name is Keanu Yoshji. I’m excited to be the new chairman of the Happy Energy foundation, in the international city of Peace & Justice, The Hague.

I’m a studentfont-base of Media technology & IT, and I recently finished my internship @ European Space Agency, in the Media Room & Communications team.

We are on a mission to launch the “Astronauts of Spaceship Earth” movement, creating happy collabs all over planet earth, and spreading worldwide woke words of doing good via immersive DJ shows;


Keanu Yoshji
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Our 2020 ambition is to connect with inspiring people, and to collab with several positive companies & platforms on this one strange rock which is Earth!

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Ambition 2020 – ambassador movement

A personal note from Anna Gimbrère, first “Astronaut of Spaceship Earth”

Astronaut Wubbo Ockels, who also was my professor, developed his own concept of time. He said: “Time is a creation of life in response to gravity”. A mindboggling theory we can hopefully put to test someday. Either way, time is precious, for all of us. And so is our planet. It’s time to care and act now.

It is a privilege to be part of keeping his legacy alive through the Happy Energy foundation.

With lots of Happy Energy,

Anna Gimbrère

Scientific editor/presenter
Dutch media talent 2019

Ambassador Happy Energy foundation