So, sustainability. That’s what it’s about. But what is sustainability exactly? What do we mean, and more importantly: what should you do with it? Let us explain it to you.


There are various definitions of the concept vary. At Happy Energy, we assume the following: something is sustainable when it has the least possible negative impact on the world. And it would be even better if it has positive impact as well.

One can apply the concept to many things. Products, services, products, or a lifestyle: they ca all be sustainable. The point is that it must be clear that an effort was made to minimize the negative impact. With sustainability comes the obligation to minimalize possible negative impact, and to maximize the positive impact on the environment, people, creators and all other connected factors, in the broadest possible sense.

Sustainability is broad. Because it connects to so many different factors it can be pretty complicated. The basis is pretty simple: reduce negative impact. Be good to yourself, to the world and the people around you. Increase positive impact. Gain Happy Energy.

About you

So positive impact and Happy Energy. But, uh, can you do something yourself? Of course! Quite a lot actually! There are things you can’t change yourself. Let's be realistic: you won’t solve the plastic soup by yourself, you won’t stop the use of fossil fuels and you’re not going to ban out child labor. But you can look critically at your lifestyle and adjust it. This impacts not only you but also the people around you. If you make conscious choices and with that motivate five people to do that as well, who in their turn each inspire five other .. you know where we're going?

To make it a bit more concrete, we’ll give you a couple of easy steps you can take to start making your lifestyle more sustainable.

  1. Take a good look at your lifestyle. Where can you improve without having to compromise too much comfort? You can look at what you buy and what you throw away. For example, look at your clothing, food, and energy
  2. Don’t rush it, This may sound strange, but do not try to change everything at once. Choose one thing and try it for a month. After a while, it will become a habit, and it will be much easier to continue. Success? Choose something new to focus on.
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