A clean planets requires us to transition to clean powersources and sustainable production and consumption methods. It needs a society without pollution, climate crisis and unfair distribution of resources.

Wubbo Ockels in space

In 1985 Wubbo Ockels returned after having spent a week in space. He wondered what would be his story. The story was not that space is so unique. Instead, he wanted to tell story that the earth is unique, because we only have one. You should see the earth as our spaceship. Only when you realize that, you know that we need to be careful with our earth.

Logo Happy Energy

The inhabitants of the Spaceship Earth form the crew. That's us; we need to survive. We have to adjust our course. We need to change, but we’re not doing that yet. Wubbo compares life on earth by sailing on a ship. You wouldn’t drill a hole in the hull of the ship; you'd be stupid if you did. But we do similar things to our Spaceship Earth. Wubbo’s ideology has laid the foundation for a movement that is committed to a transition to a sustainable society: Happy Energy.